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FAQ – frequently asked questions

Can I enrol in a Master’s Programme even though I haven’t graduated yet?

A Bachelor’s degree is the entry qualification for a Level I Master’s, while a Master’s degree is the entry qualification for a Level II Master’s.
If you have yet to graduate, you must do so within one month of the start of the course.
If instead you are enrolled in a higher-level course, you will need to graduate by the first available session.
You can find all the details regarding admission requirements in Art. 2 of the Call.

Where can I find information about teaching?

All the information on teaching and attendance is contained in the Brochure, which you can download from the webpage dedicated to the Master’s Programme.

How much does it cost to do the Master’s Programme?

You can find this information on the Master’s webpage in the “Key Facts” section, and in the Brochure under “Enrolment Fees”.

Are there any scholarships available?

On the webpage of the Master’s Programme, under “Scholarships” information is given about the possible availability of contributions. It is also possible to apply for a loan.

Can I use the Teacher Voucher?

Yes, when you pay the first instalment of the Master’s, you must download the relevant PDF file and send it to us.

What does “Master’s in blended mode” mean?

This means that teaching takes place both on-site and remotely (whether live or delayed). The Brochure specifies the number of hours on-site and those provided by a remote connection.

Will there be an official presentation of the Master’s Programme?

You can find information on the Open Day on the Master’s webpage.
If instead you would like an individual interview, please write to us at this email.

I graduated abroad, can I enrol in a Master’s in Italy?

If your degree is equivalent to that required to enrol in the Master’s Programme, yes you can. For more details, see Art. 8 of the Call.